Buy your property

Buy your property

Interested in buying a home in the Algarve? We know the Algarve and can help you find your next home. Often, moving from one house to another, let alone one country to another, is very stressful and daunting. That’s what we’re here for. To take the stress away. Having a home that you absolutely enjoy coming home to every time is hugely important. We want to help you find your dream home and make an ideal financial step towards your future. Let us guide you in the right direction.


About The Algarve


Real Estate


The range of properties available in the Algarve is huge. Everything from multi-million luxury villas in resorts, to practical townhouses in the city or charmingly rustic quintas in need of some repairs. Do some research about the best places to live or ask us!




Most know the Algarve as a summer holiday destination, but there is so much more than golden sandy beaches. But just in case that’s what you want, we have over 80 Blue Flag beaches along the coastline (as of summer 2020).


Golf & Sports


The Algarve is also known for Golf as it is considered to be The Best golfing destination in Europe. If golfing is your cup of tea, you can read more about what’s available in the Algarve here.


Sports are a huge part of the lifestyle here. Along with the yearly events that happen throughout the Algarve (due to COVID 19 most have been cancelled for 2020, read more here), there are a number of training centres, sports facilities, surf schools as well as equestrian centres for sports enthusiasts.


Family Fun


Wondering what the kids and the young at heart might enjoy? Apart from the boat tours, off-road tours and bus tours, there are many water parks, amusement parks and zoos that are fun for everyone. 




Moving to Portugal with your children can be the best move ever. Of course, it may not be easy at first, but there are so many reasons why it’s a good choice.


There are a number of International and Private Schools in the Algarve or you can opt to have your children integrate by enrolling them in a local state school. It’s important to remember that Portuguese is the first language and your children should learn it.


Of course, the younger your child is, the better as they absorb a new language like a sponge. But, older kids can have a tutor, take private lessons or learn with an app to help facilitate their integration. 


It’s not as difficult of a move as you might think! Our son was 3 when we moved here and we put him in a local state school. He was welcomed with open arms and has been learning Portuguese along with the other kids.




Portugal’s national healthcare system (SNS – Serviço Nacional de Saúde) is based on a universal care system. It offers residents access to low-cost care, both ongoing and in emergency situations and is comparable to other European countries. There are also private hospitals and clinics available across the Algarve. For more detailed information, you can read this article.




The Algarve has many excellent shopping malls and centres with a variety of different stores for everything you need. Need some late night shopping therapy? Most shopping centres are open from 9 AM to 11 PM. Your local market will have a range of fresh meat, fish and produce available. Nothing beats buying fresh fruit from a roadside seller.


Quality of Life


Portugal is considered one of the safest countries in the world and the Portuguese people are very hospitable and courteous hosts.  Tradition and family are important here. So is good food.


The traditional diet of the Algarve features olive oil, lots of fish, quality meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, and of course delicious desserts. Enjoy a cold imperial – a regular size glass of Portuguese beer – or a glass of wine with your meal and top off your gastronomic experience with a coffee – a short coffee unless you tell your server otherwise.


The Weather


If you’re like us, the weather is the deal-breaker! Fortunately, the sun shines over 300 days every year, and the climate is considered to be one of the most stable in the world. You can count on more sunshine than rain, that skies are more clear than cloudy and that the weather will not be a limiting factor in your new life in the Algarve.


What You Need To Purchase A Home


In order to buy a home in the Algarve, you will need the following:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address
  • Portuguese Tax number – which a solicitor will help you get
  • A Portuguese bank account – which we can help you with

If you need to get a mortgage in Portugal, you will also need the following:

  • ID card or citizen card
  • Duplicates of your last three payroll documents
  • Floor plans of the apartment or house you intend to buy in Portugal
  • Documents about other income sources, if any
  • Credit report
  • Last income tax return and its Notice of Settlement
  • Bank statements
  • Employment confirmation letter

Our team is always a phone call away to answer any question you may have when buying a property here.


Trusted Service Providers


Our goal is not only seller services, buyer services and property management but also to make you feel comfortable and welcome as our new neighbours. We will connect you with people we know and trust whose services you will require at one time or another whether you are buying, selling or hiring us to manage your property. They are:

  • mortgage specialist
  • bank
  • accountant
  • car dealership
  • handyman
  • electrician
  • plumber
  • AC and dehumidifier
  • gardener
  • pool maintenance
  • general cleaning

Make Your New House A Home


Everyone wants to enjoy a space that’s really theirs. They want to see themselves represented in it. They want to experience sanctuary — coming to a place that actually feels like home. Our Interior Designer can help you achieve this.


If you’re looking for a way to maximize your space both uniquely and within your budget, you should start with us. Our services are available to help you get the most out of your money and space, for affordable or nonexistent fees. 

  • Free one-to-one consultation in your home or virtually
  • Classic service offering mood boards and design plans
  • Lux service offering a traditional and complete experience working with an interior designer
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